Guiding Principles and Main Objectives

Sindh United Party (SUP) will endeavour for a social contract among the historical nations of the country in accordance with the commitments made in the Lahore Resolution of 1940 under which the national entities within this multinational federation are politically, financially and administratively self governing, and under which historical national entities can protect their separate identity and achieve, by peaceful political struggle, full control over their resources and enjoy the right of self rule.

  1. SUP shall enreavour, on the basis of equality of nations, for democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression, independent judiciary and parliament, equality one individual with another, of one nation with another.
  2. SUP shall strive to

— bring about equilibrium between citizens’ rights and duties,

–establish social justice in society by reducing illiteracy, poverty and social inequality through equitable and just division of powers and resources,

–forge meaningful relationship between an accountable state/government and responsible citizenry, and

–take measures for the material and spiritual development of individual by raising his standard of living.

  1.   SUP considers political power the only feasible way to bring about social change through good governance, having achieved it, the party would take measures to establish new, honest and better administrative setup and to make institutions strong, effective, efficient, service oriented and meritorious.
  2.   SUP considers such individuals, communities, tribes and cultural groups as are permanently settled inside a national unit in the country an integral part of that unit, who think the political, economic and cultural rights and interests of that unit their own, exert themselves for the protection and achievement of these rights and interests, and firmly believe in securing its national, historical and geographical frontiers.
  3.     In pursuance of the thousands of years old magnificent historical, cultural and civilized   traditions of the Indus Civilization, SUP would endeavour to eliminate in the country all discriminations on the basis of gender, colour, race, religion, belief and language, respect human

dignity and personal freedom in accordance with the tenet ‘Live and Let Live,’ keep matters of religion and faith away from political affairs of the state, foster political and religious freedom and toleration in the society in line with the international objective of achieving unity of human kind and world peace, which objective is attainable under the principle of peaceful coexistence.





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