Financial Regulations


All units of the Party at every level shall be competent to collect contributions for the Party with permission of the Party President, and send record of all such collections to Central Office.

  1. Members of the General Council shall pay rupees one hundred as fee on the occasion of the Council’s meeting.
  2. No member of the Party shall take or accept any amount from a foreign multinational company, a local public or private company/institution or a commercial or professional organization, nor would he take or accept a gift or grant of money.
  3. No concession, grant, gift or contribution from any country in any form, be it cash, commodity, accommodation, transport or fuel, shall be sought or accepted.
  4. Union, Talko/Town and District Committees shall be competent to spend respectively 25%, 15% and 10% of the membership fee, and tranmit the rest to the Central Office.


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