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Financial Regulations

All units of the Party at every level shall be competent to collect contributions for the Party with permission of the Party President, and...

Party Elections

  Party shall appoint an Election Committee to oversee the election process  of District, Talko/Town and Union Committees. 2, Election Committee shall frame byelaws for...

Party Flag

White Colour: Symbol of peace and unity Red Colour:     Symbol of economic, industrial, agricultural,                                                                                                                            Educational and democratic revolution

Politics and Strategy

Politics and Strategy SUP shall be reformist instead of radical in its political essence and approach, and, accordingly, shall realize its objective of fulfilling...

Composition, Strength and Policy

Composition, Strength and Policy Sindh United Party (SUP) is a multi-class welfare-oriented association of male as well as female land-tillers, landowners, agriculturists, laborers, workers, industrialist,...


Some astute and patriotic citizens, who are named hereunder, congregated in a meeting to deliberate on the political predicament of Sindh , and, after...

SUP Parliamentary Board

    Parliamentary Board of the Party shall consist of five members including the Party President,who shall nominate the remaining four from amongst...

Allied Parties

   SUP shall deem all those political parties as its allies and friends, who accept historical, national units in the country, who recognize their...

Party Wings

        The Party shall have below mentioned three wings, whose heads shall be appointed by                  the Party President. The shall be member of the...

Principles of Organization

  SUP shall treat the lofty organizational principle of democratic centralism, criticism and self-criticism as its guiding principles, and shall act in compliance of them. ...




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